iSoftwareLoader now available, tune yourself at home.

iSoftwareLoader for Volvo, no need to come to us for your tuned software.

Simply order the hardware, chose the software you require from the database and install it at you leisure. Package will be shipped the same day. 

iSoftwareLoader prices start at £102.00 including vat. Tuned software prices are per database.


Buy online.

Easy to use hand-held programmer allows you to tune your Volvo by yourself via the OBD2 diagnostics port, with a simple press of a button!

Stores both performance RICA software and standard Volvo software inside. Quickly and easily revert the car back to standard prior to taking it for a service at your dealer!

100% Volvo dealer service compliant! Retain any future Volvo software updates after routine servicing or recall work.

Programming the car takes just a few minutes! No laptop is required while the car is being programmed.

Excellent value for money - whichever tune you purchase with the iSofloader, all the lower priced tunes available for your car are included in the price!

The RICA iSoftloader will also provide basic diagnostics functions in the near future, allowing you to view DTCs, which is useful if you ever get a CEL or engine running problems that you wish to diagnose yourself.

The new RICA iSoftloader is a handheld programming device which allows you to program your Volvo with RICA software by yourself. Designed and developed entirely in-house by RICA Engineering, the RICA iSoftloader brings RICA ECM upgrades to everyone everywhere!

The RICA iSoftloader does not require a laptop whilst programming the car which means you don't need to carry a laptop around if you want to change the software tuning in the ECM. The RICA iSoftloader can store the original and modified software inside which can be downloaded to the iSoftloader device from any computer connected to the internet using a standard USB cable and special sync software.

Whichever tuning stage you purchase, all the lower tuning stages are automatically included in the price and made available for download to the RICA iSoftloader. For example, if you purchase the D5 Euro 4 Stage 2 tune (240 hp / 480 Nm), then you automatically get the Stage 1 and E-Power tunes included in the price. To upgrade to a higher tune, you simply pay the difference in price.

Although the RICA iSoftloader device stores the original software and one modified tune internally, you can purchase an unlimited number of modified tunes which are then made available for you to download to the RICA iSoftloader at any time.

If you own more than one Volvo, your RICA iSoftloader will soon be able to program more than one car. You won't need a seperate RICA iSoftloader for each car - you will be able to purchase the RICA tune software for each of your other cars and download them to the RICA iSoftloader as required. The RICA iSoftloader has built in error checks to ensure you can only program a car with the correct software.

Vehicles not supported: S40/V40 classic


Vehicles supported: All Volvo models 1999-