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Air conditioning and climate control service and repair.

Wether you need a regas or repair, we're here to help!


Don't be under the impression that aircon is just for summer, your aircon should be be switched on all the time, why?

  • It creates the ultimate comfort zone
  • Helps to demist your windscreen and windows much quicker
  • Removes moisture from inside your vehicle
  • Helps to keep the gas and oil circulating the system, preventing premature failure of critical components
  • Is a fact that using the aircon is more economical than driving with your windows down

We offer various levels of aircon servicing, depending on your budget and needs, from a simple inexpensive regas to a full aircon service.


A full service would include a regas, cabin filter and a debug of the evaporator, the latter two are usually ignored by most customers on a budget, but are probably the most critical, why?

  • The cabin filter is a very fine mesh to trap dust, pollen and other microscopic particles drawn in through the ventilation, because of this they block very quickly, causing a restriction and lack of circulation and low air flow through the vents, often resulting in failure of the heater blower motor or heater resistor, which can be an expensive repair.
  • Because the aircon is removing moisture from the air inside your car, the evaporator will always be wet, during periods of none use, this can cause nasty bacteria to build up, often referred to as Legionaries disease, this can be very harmful if not treated.

Regas prices start from £59.95 for R134 and £129.95 for the newer R1234YF.


We also offer specialist leak testing, pipe and hose repair service, click here for further details.