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Petrol injector testing and repair

Asnu injector test bench


The only way to successfully diagnose and test a fuel injector is off the vehicle. Using our Asnu test and flow bench we can verify the flow rates and spray patterns of each injector at the same time and compare the results.

The injectors are then ultrasonically cleaned and back flushed, new filter baskets and seals installed, then run again on the bench to verify the results.

There are comercial injector cleaning products out there designed to clean injectors, but in our opinion they have little or no effect.


  • Our injector test and service includes:
  • Mechanical condition check
  • Electronic condition test
  • Spray patterns
  • Flow rates
  • Ultrasonicically cleaned and flushed
  • New seals and filters fitted

Testing and service by post


We also offer a postal service, send us you injectors by post and we'll test and refurb and return them same day, click here for more info.