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DPF/FAP cleaning service

We will always start with a diagnostic test, now you might say to yourself "I've had a diagnostic test, and there were no faults".  well our diagnostic testing goes much further and deeper than any other company I know, we have a dedicated tuning cell, with a four wheel drive chassis dyno, the most up to date dealer level diagnostic kit and quite a lot of other special test equipment including oscilloscope diagnostics.


A laptop/scanner will only show hard faults within the engine electronics and or components that are well out of their operating parameters, this kind of test will only give direction to other deeper testing required. This is when knowledge, experience, access to technical info and specialist equipment.

I get told so many times by customers that their car is running fine and it's just the dpf is blocked and needs cleaning, usually this is not the case, there is usually a fault somewhere in the system that's not been detected.


For example

  • An EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve not working correctly, may not produce a fault code.
  • A leak in the intake system may not produce a fault code.
  • An under performing turbo may not produce a fault code.
  • A split boost pipe may not produce a fault code.
  • A problem with fuel supply.
  • Faulty glow plugs
  • Engine not at correct operating temperature
  • Engine oil of incorrect specification.

Click here for general DPF information, directed at the drivers of DPF/FAP eqquiped vehicles.

So, what do we do?

  • A Full diagnostic test.
  • Further oscilloscope testing to verify sensor outputs.
  • A smoke/pressure test of the intake system.
  • A pre back pressure test of the DPF to check extent of blockage.
  • Cleaning of the DPF
  • A forced regeneration of the DPF
  • A further back pressure test of the DPF to confirm the results of cleaning.
  • A road test to verify condition of turbo boost control, (this can only be tested once the DPF is clear, as low exhaust gas flow will affect turbo performance).


So you can see this is not a simple five minute job, but the work is normally completed in the day, depending on the results of the diagnostic test where other work may be required.


In some extreme cases or cases of improper diagnostics, cleaning of the DPF is unsuccessful, due to the soot so densely packed in, in this case replacement of the DPF is needed.

The video below shows a similar procedure, but with different products.