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Advanced and dealer level diagnostics

Equipped with the most up to date diagnostic equipment and knowledge, we can test and diagnose your electrical systems in ways not even the dealerships can. "If we can't fix it, nobody can".

Armed with an extensive set of diagnostic and dealer level equipment to cover most makes of vehicle.



  • IDS Ford
  • IDS Landrover
  • IDS Jaguar
  • IDS Mazda
  • Tech2 and MDI for vauxhall
  • Mercedes Xentry
  • Autologic Citroen
  • Autologic Peugeot
  • ServiceBox for Peugeot/Citroen
  • Autologic Renault
  • Autologic VAG (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda
  • Ecu reprogramming and flash updates
  • State of the art Maha 4wd rolling road
  • Asnu, Injector testing, service and repair
  • Airbag crash data resetting
  • Pressure and smoke testing
  • Oscciloscope diagnostics
  • Performance tuning and remapping, click for more

No other company in the region has this kind of specialist equipment.

Diagnostics is in a world of it's own and covers every electrical part of your car, on modern vehicles this includes lighting, starting and charging, brakes, air bag systems, steering, engine management and emissions.
Due to the development of these advanced systems if a critical malfunction occurs within a system, e.g. an ABS (anti-lock braking system) sensor fails, the software can switch off the function and revert to standard braking and the vehicle can be still driven but should be booked in for a diagnostic check straight away.

In the case of engine management there are many problems that can occur, from engine wear, contaminated fuel to electronic component failure, as components wear and degrade the ECU (electronic control unit, the brain) can compensate for this and add or reduce the fuel required to maintain the correct air/fuel ratio. Great I hear you say, well not really, performance will be lost and fuel economy will be lost and this is not good for the environment or your wallet. In most cases you may never know you have a problem and continue to drive your vehicle for months, even years, it is for this reason why you should have your vehicle serviced regular.

If one day you suddenly notice your dash light up like a Christmas tree then the chances are a controller fitted to your vehicle has detected a fault, this is a job for us, we can carry out a full diagnostic test, with a printed report*, evaluate and verify the faults and if possible carry out the repair.

Engine diagnostic test £59.95. Normally takes about forty five minutes, after this, £59.95 per hour. We will never replace parts or continue with labour intensive repairs without your approval.