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We never stop!

At Fast Fit, we never stop, we aim to be the first and best "One Stop Shop" in Leeds, for all your motoring needs.

We don't know of any other centre in the region that offer the services we do, with 100% honesty and dedication.

DPF FAP cleaning service

We are now able to clean and flush diesel particulate filters on the car, this is a very specialist and labour intensive service, the procedure is used to remove and redistribute soot and ash in the filter so it can be burnt off during a regeneration, more info here.

Vauxhall Saab PSG16 remaps

Performance tuning and remaps now available for Vauxhall and Saab Diesel PSG16 models.

Subaru remap

Subaru Impreza stage 1 remap.

220hp stock to 260 hp


Dyno graph here.

Mazda MPS remap

Performance tuning and remaps now available for the Mazda MPS range.

iSoftLoader, Volvo tuning hardware

No need to leave your home to tune your Volvo. Read more.

Speed limiter

We are now able to remove or add the speed limiter for most Ford and Vauxhall light comercial vehicles.

RICA Engineering performance tunes

Performance RICA tunes now available for Volvo and most of the vehicle market.

Read more here.

VAG dealer level diagnostics

VAG (Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Skoda) dealer level diagnostics.

We are now able to offer full dealer level diagnostics for all the VAG group, from simple code reading to full adaption and programming, ecu installation and key coding.

Tuning, styling, customizing

Now available, the full range of high performance braking, stainless sports exhausts and performance bolt ons, from EBC, Miltek and Forge Motorsports.

Asnu injector flow bench

Just added, Asnu petrol fuel injector test rig.

The fuel injector is one of the most overlooked items in the engine, we assume if the engine is running then it must be working.

Wrong! Fuel injectors are made to such fine tolerances to inject a precise amount of fuel in a precise way, that if not kept clean from contaminates will seriously affect the way your vehicle performs, this includes emissions too.

The fuel injector is one of the most overlooked items in the engine, we assume if the engine is running then it must be working.

It is not even possible to test, evaluate or repair an injector while fitted to a vehicle, the only way is to remove and test externally. spray patterns can only be tested by sight only, and flow rates from each unit should be collected and measured, this is only possible with Asnu.

ECUteK performance tuning

Using ECUteK hardware and software and the latest Maha 4WD rolling road, we are now able to tune the popular Japanese high performance cars.

Tuning available for


  • Subaru petrol turbo
  • Mitsubishi petrol turbo
  • Mitsubishi diesel turbo

Vauxhall Denso diesel tuning

We are now able to tune the vauxhall diesels fitted with Denso engine management.

Ice Station

A little late in the year but, recently added to our itinerary, Air conditioning/Climate control service and repair.

These days air conditioning is seen as an expensive luxury for them hot summer days. Not anymore, some of the benefits are listed below.


  • Create the ultimate comfort zone in your vehicle.
  • Air conditioning will help to de-mist your vehicle quicker.
  • Removes moisture.
  • More economical than driving with the windows down.
  • Re-gas from as little as £35.00.


We recommend that air condition and climate control systems are left on all year round, or at least it is operated twice a month, this ensures the gas and oil circulate the system keeping the internal parts lubricated, reducing major repairs and expensive bills.

Brand new for 2009

We are now proud to announce, the opening of our brand new tuning and diagnostics cell.

Equipped with the latest state of the art Maha 4WD rolling road/Dynamometer, we are able to tune and diagnose engine faults simulating varying road conditions in the safety of our no tuning cell. Due to safety concerns and speed limits, these tests and services can not be done on the road.


Here are just a few of the benefits of this service.

  • Performance tuning
  • Remapping
  • Chipping
  • Diagnostics
  • Speedometer testing (Don't be caught out by the cameras, know your speed)